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InShot - Video Editor is free iOS app published by SHANTANU PTE. LTD.

Doesn’t Work

Baddie Moe

I’ve been using this app for a while now and for the past couple months, I’ve been having a issue with saving my edited videos.

music ?


Uh how can i put my own music bc ur music inshot is BAd inshot FIX IT

I love it!

Shaho Mahabadi

It’s the most useful app that has ever been built! Love it!

Muito bom



Amazing App

Hi whats poppin

This app is so good you can do anything you want with editing! I have a YouTube channel and all of my content is edited in this app! If you are looking for a really good photo and video editing app, use this one!

Blatant liars


Don’t claim not to have water marks when you’re charging to remove the watermarks ? like seriously??? Okay but for the real review If you use tiktok then this is the only thing you’ll need but other then that it’s useless Using this for tiktok will make you a BEAST but for anything else you’re outta luck You get one star for at least being useful for tiktok other then that ZERO stars

Photos and videos

tye nesrt

I think the photos and videos should be in the same category

Really good


It’s user friendly and have a lot of free options

It’s good for beginners and experts

Unsnimus Shrek

Everything that is needed is free, I use it all the time for my channel, highly recommended!



It’s pretty cool?