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InShot - Video Editor is free iOS app published by SHANTANU PTE. LTD.



Es una app muy chida se las recomiendo.!!????

Videos fail during export, making app useless.


When you try to export a video made on inshot, you will get an error message saying that your video could not be exported. If you can’t export your video, it doesn’t matter what it looks like—because no one will ever see it. It’s a huge waste of time to create a video that can’t be exported. InShot knows about this bug (there’s a full Reddit feed on it) and still has not fixed it. Really disappointing!

More Cache space?


I really like this app for editing videos but i’m getting tired of being unable to save my videos because it says - More Cache space needed!! This is very frustrating especially after deleting all my drafts and i still get this message!! There’s a whole google search dedicated to this, so i’m sure it’s not just me.


thevido creator

The best simple use app Every tool in one place and easy to get and understand to use With deep tools for amazing edits


Lily Pollen

it brought my editing to my youtube channel up 1000% my vids are so much better with this and it can do so much more than that. totally recommend and please don't hesitate to get

Great Quick Video Editor

hydro pedi

I have had InShot for a few years now and it’s been a great experience with its user friendly presets & features. The app brings quick solution to on-the-go video edits. But Don’t take my word for it. Get it. You’ll be glad.



Thank You

very goooood

Amin mrani

very gooooood

No title

we need bedrock edition

You guys remove premium