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InShot - Video Editor is free iOS app published by SHANTANU PTE. LTD.



fits my needs!

I love the app just a little tings I don’t


I don’t like that it can’t let you use all the tings it money but after all I use it for video’s and sometimes photos

So fun! I have enjoy editing with InShot so much!

editing pro pro pro pro

I always goof around and make so many funny clips! This app is so so easy to use just an awesome editing software. They just had a update and now there’s even more possibilities! Great filters and emojis and there’s so many text fonts to chose from. You can also add effects, backgrounds, cutouts, and you can do freeze, flip, reverse, pip another pic or vid to your video.



I Love this app. it Is great for people who are just starting off on editing, it hones your skills. Just wish that they could have more and better effects.

love this app


i seriously love this app and glad you guys constantly making updates


i. didn't know what to put

This Is really really amazing app and you can use it and customize a lot of videos!

5 star


I think this is a great app for editing because it helps me with my videos

The Best Video Editor

Mohsen soleymani

Thanks to developer for create the best app.

Such an amazing app!


Editing videos has never been this easy. Great app. Keep it up guys!