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InShot - Video Editor is free iOS app published by SHANTANU PTE. LTD.

Pretty helpful, just adds are a little too long.


Good app if you can get past that.

Best video editing app!

nill o

I feel like a pro when I use InShot and my videos look fab!

Loving this app


I was a big iMovie user and InShot has completely changed the game. It’s so easy to add music, it’s so easy to find music to add, it’s so easy to draw and images, I’m just amazed at how easy it is. It’s pretty intuitive although could use some small changes to make it more user-friendly. I downloaded the free version and I’m ready to upgrade. Super impressed with this app.

Video esitor

Zhiar surchi

Best video editor app ever

This app is glitchy


Hi so I would rate it 5 but there the ads that keep popping up and I can’t edit

I adore inshot

ella grace kokal

It is so easy and I make them or presents of family over the is so fun.

The best


Omg this app is so awesome! And it is really fun to edit and it helps me to Mack funny videos

Do NOT use the InShot music


If you want to use the music that comes with this app in a video to publish on the web, forget it. You will get a copywright claim on YouTube. Thanks for purchasing InShot Pro! I have purchased both Android and Apple versions of this program and appreciate the common interface. It is simple and easy to use. Given my recent experience with the music library, I will avoid trying to use any of their graphics. If I was starting over, I would go with an app that doesn’t engage in deceptive advertising.

Bug issue maybe


I use this app weekly for many business purposes and I just recently am having issues with saving the video with added text and stickers. Please resolve the issue ASAP . Other than that I love this app I hope this gets fixed