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InShot - Video Editor is free iOS app published by SHANTANU PTE. LTD.

Hit and Miss

BBD Fix it

I takes toooooo long to load content. From 10 sec videos to 10 minute videos, I rarely can get the app to load my videos in a timely fashion. I’m constantly sending feedback emails. It’ll work for the time being then a day or two later I’m back to delayed loading times. I purchased the pro membership thinking that would change the issue. It didn’t! This is saddening because I really enjoyed using the app prior to the time restraint it put on me making content.

This is a nice app


This app helped me so much and I started to use it for yt and also this app always helps me while I edit some stuff

Love it


This is a great app it has so much stuff to edit pictures and photos it is so amazing and fun to play I hope you guys get this app

Amazing Editing App


This app is awesome I can make collages for my wallpaper and I can make video game montages. However there are some restrictions as far as effects I have to pay for. But that’s how it works for any app.

I use this app all the time and love it but there is a downside


Love this app and it is great for editing YouTube videos but if you want to make a video of sentimental photos put to music this is not the app for that.If you do a lot of pictures for those kinds of videos it takes forever to load and deletes ur work a lot of the time.



I use this alwaysssss for my pictures and videos to crop out and many moreee

Attention @Inshot develops

Asenshion Antonia Amun-Ra

I have absolutely loved this app for years, it’s been an absolute joy to create magic, and watch this app evolve,Are use no other video apps like I use this one!It has little to no bugs in my experience. My comment is more or less a pertinent suggestion; We as creators need to be able to duplicate the effects, I understand technology going back to the days of MS-DOS, THUS I understand that your app has a certain bandwidth, my suggestion is you create a cloud option for people to save their content, therefore the bandwidth can handle multiple effects on a selected track; as a creator: this is a problem, and with seniority as a customer, and now premium member, but humbly, as I say to you:You have to do better. We have members aren’t paying for a membership to have limited functionality. I hope my suggestion is taken into account and that we can see such upgrades effective immediately. Again I am a long standing customer since 2014. I very much so enjoy this app as it helps me to create some of the most vivid content I’ve ever seen, so seeing such upgrade take place would be great for business, and the best way that comes to mind which is why I write my review. Do this and this app will have a five star rating.PERIODT Thanks Asenshion Antonia Amun-Ra



Very good place to edit pics or videos

The best editor I’ve ever found


This video editor is honestly one of the best video editors. It’s free, easy to use and has lots of features many other free video editors wouldn’t have. This editor has transitions, text that can appear and disappear when you want it to, music and so much more. 5/5 ?

El mejor


Es muy práctico y versátil