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InShot - Video Editor is free iOS app published by SHANTANU PTE. LTD.

The app is great, but it’s missing something... I


I really like this app, and I’m glad it mostly has what I need for video editing. Although the app is great, there are still a couple features that I think should be added to the app. Is it ok if transitions and FX actions could be added to the app? It would really help me(and maybe others) save a lot of time because I have to use multiple apps just to create one video for transitions and FX actions. I hope you can add these features soon, it would really help a lot.

In Shot Video Editor


I love this app! Very versatile and easy to use!

رووووعه مميز ابدااااع

ابداااااااع مميز




Vgood ممتاز ?

One problem!!!!


WHEN I EDIT THE PHOTOS IT IS ALWAYS OFF BY A BIT AND ITS ANNOYING!!! But other than that it’s fine and the videos are quick and easy to edit.

Love it!

Coach Keisha K

Took me a min to figure it out but I got it now!

Very nice

very very good⭐️⭐️⭐️




Best video editor!


Princess Pinkie Pines

It does not send a request for access to your camera roll



Obvs the best editing app