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Frost & Flame: King of Avalon is free iOS app published by FunPlus International AG



However, please add peace shields into the goods exchange. I don’t see why we shouldn’t have the option of giving someone one of our peace shields. For some players, it takes a very long time donating to an alliance to earn enough HP to purchase a shield from the alliance shop and they can’t afford to keep shielded all weekend during KE with gold. Please make the peace shield an option in your goods exchange so us alliance members can look out for one another.

False advertisement

Ads anyone

Gameplay and the video are completely different. Thought I was going to pay a game that allows you to control a person in their quest, but instead got a typical mmo city builder.

False advertising

gameing is going downhill

I see gameplay footage for this game all of the time. I decided to download it to see if it matched. Nope! Not even close. It’s just another one of those boring build a castle and occupy land ordeals. I don’t get why these are so popular. There are three of these now that I know of and they each rip each other off. Horrible games with horribly misleading advertising.



The actual game play is nothing like the advertisement. There are a dozen games just like this in the same lame format.


FaceApp forlif3

It was false advertising it made it look like The last day on earth like a mobile rpg

False Advertising


Saw a trailer for the game. Was not at all the game in the trailer but had the same UI. Deleted the app within 30 seconds of it being on my phone. False advertising ??



I’ve never seen an advertisement that has less to do with actual gameplay

None sense game


I have sh40 with 2800+ stats and I quit cause of too much new stuff better stay away from this game

Great game for some people

Old honest gamer

This game is great for people with lots of money to use. It is lots of fun but everything in the game is orientated to making money for the owners (developers?)



Literally the game is so bad they made the advertisement completely different from the actually game. Why even