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Frost & Flame: King of Avalon is free iOS app published by FunPlus International AG

More updates more server problems


Every update brings broken stats for low/non spenders. New stuff only for big spenders to get easily. Servers fail every golem and developer’s blame a fictional person for problems. Don’t get me started on the LACK OF IN GAME SUPPORT. Extremely racist too.

Not what the ad shows at all


Skip it

Plz respond

Lee webber

Hey so I saw an ad for this game and thought it was cool, you mine and fight and raise a dragon and build a fort. But when I downloaded this game I was a little disappointed, tbh it’s kinda clickbait no offense because the game is fun. But the ad makes it seem like way more than it actually is.can you respond to me and explain pLease

Worse game and game company ever


Honest review: Chinese rule- discount and cheat. No place here for free players and USA players, your time wont make you get anything ONLY money can, alot of people quit and the game is dying. They violating your Privacy and No customer support, they ll ban your acct any time. Fake ads... alot of bad stuffs from this company. As right now only new players play and quit as this is the circle and plus top 100 players lol. Check facebook, discord, youtube and online complaint before you play and spend. You purchased package and never receive, they dont care and even ban your account. A 3 year old paid player reviewing

Is nothing like the add


This game is absolutely nothing like the add and the fact that the add looks so fun to build and chop trees for resources but the real game is just a boring And slow if you’d looking for a fun game don’t get this one.

Nothing like the trailer.

Mike Nada

Read above. Feel a little lied to.

Been playing for over two years. They’re crooks


They do these events where they get you to spend money to win prizes, then it’s not fair, they don’t work right. When I contacted support they gave me the run around. Like I’m an idiot. They’re crooks. Don’t play, find another game that actually works like it’s supposed to.

Must be rich to win


Spend money spend money if you don’t a ton of money to put in it you will not get anywhere on top of that they put in events that will wipe you out so you have to spend money on gold to revive your troops the costumer service is bad they never reached out after I contacted them it’s a money based game

Absolutely no customer support


Customer support only gives scripted answers and never actually helps you. Had multiple interactions about being double charged to in game issues and got canned fake responses every time. Even the developer responses to reviews here in the App Store are almost identical to every response I’ve ever gotten from customer support. The game is entirely pay to win and you can’t get anything above the most basic tier without paying. There isn’t even a way to grind for most things, only purchase. EDIT Even their response to my review is a fake scripted response telling me to go back through their BS in game customer support link that I spent weeks fighting through with no real response! Even the link to developer website in the AppStore doesnt go anywhere. What a scam!!! AVOID THIS COMPANY AND ANYTHING THEY MAKE.