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Frost & Flame: King of Avalon is free iOS app published by FunPlus International AG

Played for over 2 years


I played for over 2 yrs and spent a lot of money. No matter how much you spend you will never get ahead. I watched players spend $100,000 on a phone game. Sickening. There is no end, so therefore there is no point.

Stop with the updates please


I love this game and I play it daily.... The only thing I dislike about the game is the updates!!!! Everytime I update the game you come out with a new update and I'm not made of money so for me to update on Apple I have to have money in my account and as this might not fully have to do with you guys.... You are very aware of the situation and I can't stand it and trust me I'm complaining to Apple store as well

Serious lack of support


Their contact customer support in game link is the worst that I have ever seen. They are increasingly making it harder to progress without spending a lot of money. I don’t mind rewarding developers with a purchase or two, but once you get into the game, you can’t move forward at a tolerable pace without money, money money. The introduced a third anniversary celebration event and it is horrible. Very high level players can’t progress without spending more money on newly introduced content. And their support is horrible. Update: I have never encountered such incompetent and indifferent support in my entire life. They do not read the issues and refuse to escalate to a manager or provide a phone number. The issues I have encountered are regarding items purchased and they refuse to help. I now refuse to spend any additional money on this game. If u have problems, I encourage you to stop spending. They ONLY care about money.



I have installed the latest updates. It wont load anymore Just checking configuration and loading error is all i get



The only strategy involved in this game is directly tied to how deep your pockets are. The only thing KoA cares about is The almighty dollar. They have gotten so bad that the KoA devs were trying to bribe players with in-game packs for 5 star reviews to boost their rating. The only thing good about this game is some of players I've met. Do your wallet a favor and stay away.



I can’t directly report problems and happening more often . Just got tier one in gold event monster kill and recurved no stamina rewards or rewards period !?

Poor customer service


Since day one in this game I have not been able to use customer support system. I have to use someone else’s phone to send game issues in. After 2 months of back and forth they have yet to address the issue and have no care in the world for in game bugs. Crashing happens more often then not. The game is fun but best of luck with support they just want your money and no lip.

Too small


Used to be better to collect internal farms, can’t hardly see them. No happy with changes

The ads that led me to this game falsely represent it


update after dev response *** Really? You are goi g to pass the buck on someone else? You seriously are going to play this off like someone else is falsely advertising your product? I don't buy it. Since when does a company pay for advertising they know nothing about? So devs, your full of $#it, I'm sorry but its true. Start depicting your product accurately or people will loose all trust in you as a developer.. game devs are a dime a dozen. The advertising for this game that i clicked on to take me to this app shows completely different game play mechanics as “iso-rpg diabloesque” coolness but when you play it, totally lame non strategic city builder... pass


Cool lalalalalalalalall

I downloaded and played a minute of it, not even the same game it was advertised. Bunch of money grabbing liars