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Frost & Flame: King of Avalon is free iOS app published by FunPlus International AG



The trailer made the game look wicked fun. It’s the opposite. You’re not a little guy chopping wood and building a town or kingdom manually, you start in a kingdom and just upgrade everything basically.. this type of game was never fun to me and I wouldn’t have played if the trailer was more accurate. Very disappointed.

No offense


Hello,I don’t really understand how to play this game also, it is not like the ads. I altleast played for a 30 minutes and my mind couldn’t stick to the game.My Dad would probably like this but I don’t really in my opinion because it was very confusing. I do not put offense but good job. -Somebody who likes to yeet

Good but bad

nano gamer

The game has great graphics.Overall it’s a fun game, but the adds all mislead you. They say it’s a second person game but it’s not. All you do is stop other players from attacking you castle and attack other players.I think for a suggestion is to make a campaign mode in second person.

Don’t waste your time and money


This game is designed to take your life. You need serious time and money investment to make it worth it and then a higher level can just teleport to you and steal all of your stuff. Seriously not worth it. I deleted the app after losing three weeks worth of effort.

No sports man ship


I have played many war games before. But none of them come anywhere close to what this game does. Many of the war games I have played there is always some unwritten rules of the game that ALL the players/alliances agree upon. But this game. Well let’s just say that you do not get a say in what happens in it unless you are one of the top 5 alliances on the server. Worst yet if you go against or just express your disagreement with what those 5 alliances set in place. You get targeted by those same five alliances. Even if you are one of the top 5 alliances you are not safe. The strongest alliances are nothing but tyrants and bullies. They will beat you down until you have nothing left. The worst part is that members of the top three alliances will pick on players that have over 50 million power less than them. HOW THE HECK DO YOU EXPECT TO HAVE A PROFITABLE GAME WHERE LESS THAN ONE PERCENT OF YOUR PLAYERS HOLD ALL THE POWER AND EVERYONE ELSE IS NOTHING BUT A PEASANT? If I could give this game zero stars I would.



This game is a money game, pay to play game. I have invested in this quit a while ago once it turned into more deals or more ways to scam me of money. Don’t play this game u less you like to spend or know coding or algorithms.....

It’s a $$$ hungry game

bigz deeez

U better have a deep pocket if u plan to play or have a good time ! Everything u do cost$$$$$$ !!!! They update every month costing even more $$$ ! You will never get ahead !! Very greedy makers



This game was fun a year ago. Since then, it has become a spending race every two weeks. Don’t bother upgrading anything, or buy anything, because the developers will just make it obsolete the next round. Met some great people along the way, but fully expect this game to rank much like all others of this style have over the years.

Just some praise


I have never played a game on my phone so long!! This is an amazing way to connect with all kinds of people!! The game has a lot of things to keep you busy as well!! I will say though... I got in trouble at work because I couldn’t put the phone away ? I try to get everyone I know to play and have found myself budgeting a spending allowance just like for my kids? I am not much of a fighter yet... but as I grow and learn I will get there ... I am in K680... I do believe I will continue playing for a long time even though I get called a nerd because how detailed and into the game I get? Thank You!!

Literal copy’s of other games


At first I had high expectation because of the start, because of the whole big and cinematic intro, but I Celt getting the same as (most people have probable seen it, because it looks a lot like the game of thrones game) I was expecting it to look like it , or at least look like the trailer, which I was wrong, which I honestly was expecting but, just wanted to see if it was another guns of glory rip off or not. It’s false advertising, some people actually want to play the game that they want to see, if your not gonna show the actual gameplay of a game that you advertised you should at least put a easily readable sign that says “not actual gameplay”.