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Frost & Flame: King of Avalon is free iOS app published by FunPlus International AG

Banning people for no reason


I was banned for no reason I would NEVER recommend it to any one

Bad game do not get it if you like the ad


It is no where near what the ad was like!

King of Avalon


This is nothing like the ad. The ad looks so fun with adventure and journey but it’s nothing like that when downloaded. I hate scammers.

Stop Attacking My Castle


Listen, I just want to play the game. I just want to do the quests, but I can’t DO THAT when people keep attacking my castle. It takes SO long for troops to be trained and the same people keep attacking my castle over and over again until I have no troops. And for what? Nothing. People should only be able to attack once a day if that. Allow a peace mode or something for people who are just trying to play the game instead of those trivial peace shields that don’t do anything to stop people from depleting my troops. I just want to collect resources and battle monsters. I’ve done nothing to warrant attacks on my kingdom and yet here we are. Fix this or I’ll be forced to delete my account and the app and just not play anymore. I know I’m just one player, but come on.

Poor ability to contact tech support


When will level 60s be able to exchange lord points for something else? I was expecting it with an upgrade.

Don’t waste your time

angrlic coven

If you are playing on account out side of China you will get crushed by Chinese hacks that spend 10% of what you do. Go YouTube see the evidence for yourself. Company says they have “fixed” these issues they were the ones behind it, that’s like asking the fox to guard the hen house. They will be back we a new set off hacks soon.



As a new player, I find it absurd that you get attacked while you’re offline and 10 levels below the attacking player. I haven’t been able to establish anything because I can’t defend against high level players. I understand strategy games are supposed to be a challenge but this is beyond stupid.



Game is a scam. Filled with cheats from and for China players

Mods and koa


Game has several glitches. If your gonna play don’t spend. Last glitch cost most of my rss. They never replaced them. They said they would but never did. Already contacted and reset. You guys actually posted prob online. And never repaid rss promised. Glitch was on your end. Just be honest

Not so fun??


I am sorry to say but this is not at all what the ad showed it is alway telling you what to do and that is boring.