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Frost & Flame: King of Avalon is free iOS app published by FunPlus International AG

It's good


It's engaging ,interesting n quite fun to play

Good game

,a ntik tz ona

Fantastic. superb game


sşeytin kbadet ie ta

This game is best in the world ,,i just simply love it nd amazing graphics ,!!!


Boo loves Bub

Watch any of the adds for this game and you’ll see it’s all crap.... it’s nothing like the add. I still went ahead and tried playing and it was pretty boring... you manning just build farms houses and army and attack people. That’s about it.



Si el juego fuera como lo ponen en las propaganda seria un éxito de juego pero no es ni remotamente se acerca a algo del anuncio



The ad for this game is amazing so I installed it not knowing that the entire ad plus what the creators describe it as was a lie. Horrible

False advertisement



Cyber Blackmail


I’ve been playing this game for more than a year. I enjoy it and heaven knows, I’ve spent more than I should. Today I was sent a System mail stating that I somehow took advantage of a flaw in their system and now have 15 days to pay a fine by topping up. If I do not spend this unknown amount of money, they will close my account permanently. This is unacceptable. Update: They responded back with still more vague nonsense. No facts, just saying I’m wrong they are right, and pay up. As much as I have enjoyed this game, I do not think I’ll be recommending it to anyone else. To have worked so hard on and account only to have it taken away based on lies is bad business.

They are thieves

R E A P E R K592

I purchased a crap ton of items from them spent thousands and all they did was take it back. There is a glitch where you can get the R6 stones for free. Funny thing is I already have mine unlocked and built. They still took them all along with my building materials. There has been communication back and forth and it’s always a form letter. Typical response is we have you what your gonna get. Here is the biggest question. Why did you take my items I paid for in the first place. My hard earned money paid for this stuff and you just take it away without recourse. That is called stealing. Just saying if they will steal from the guy that spends thousands then they will steal from you. Check out the KOA Global room on facebook there are hundreds of thousands of people that have the same issues.

Look nothing like add


That’s all I have to say