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Frost & Flame: King of Avalon is free iOS app published by FunPlus International AG



Complete scam. Makes you spend money and then before you blink the things you paid real money for become obsolete and you can’t finish any unfinished and a new pay to play option comes up. Game also allows illegal loaders to load gold and surpass honest players making them impossible to defeat

King of Avalon

Prince Uriel

Great game of strategy. But you must have a deep pocket to advance. Most of the resources need to advance are for sale at ridiculous prices.



No les doy las 5 estrellas porque actualizan muy seguido el juego y ay algunos fallos a la hora de la carga, tambien ay que esperar mucho para la construcción, pero bueno les dare las 5 estrellas pero porfa den mas aceleradores de regalos o mas baratos para poderlos comprar Ahora despues de 60 dias de juego, no ay eventos de recursos, todos los jugadores del reino 713 se quejan, la mayoria esta aburrido y quiero abandonar el juego, solo porque no ay recursos, nadie tiene



The game is fun but you cannot get very far without spending lots of money.... the game makers are greedy as hell!

Bad game


Misconduct in the ads, bad , pretty good graphics.

Didn’t make it far


I don’t know how the tutorial is but got fed up with the game playing itself. It’s nothing but arrows pointing click here and here and her okay chapter 1,2,3 are done. That isn’t a game and immediately lost interes.



What’s the point of making a fake ad to get people to download your game when the game is bad so they will just undownload it after they realize it is fake. If I could rate zero stars I would. Ok so you guys just sent me a response telling me to give it a try. Well if you even read my review you would know that I have given it a try.

False advertising

Dodo bird

The ads for the game show a completely different game.

Clickbait Money Grab


Be fully aware...this game is absolutely nothing like what you see in the ads.

Theres no way to be actually safe


When i started playing the game it was actually fun, i enjoyed the game alot until i stumbled into one big problem that seems to never get solved... being attacked 24/7. I did so much just to avoid being attacked by everyone else. I teleported away, moved closer to my alliance, bought so many peace shields just for relief (keep in mind i have at-least 11 million resources in each category). And i hop off in one hour just for a break and sign onto my account to see only 1 million resources in all categories. I was so furious that i uninstalled the game.