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Facebook is free iOS app published by Meta Platforms, Inc.

Facebook is RACIST!


I want someone to explain why I am restricted with no notification, or warning? Per your standards, it has to be documented and I have to be notified. So make it make sense... I have no recent violations, so why exactly can I not comment post or like anything? Am I again being targeted and harassed by ppl on your app, that you allow to bully me? Or is it your algorithm, being discriminatory? I want a legitimate answer, as to why every other week; you're attempting to block me or delete my page for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON WITH NO JUST CAUSE.

Apartheid Israeli occupation of Palestinians land


Whenever this is posted, Facebook takes it down. If truths can’t be said why bother to stay with Facebook? I go to TikTok Free Palestine


Charlie Dumesnil

Every time i want to look at an article or something from ranker for example it freezes or sometimes it becomes glitchy and when i close the app and open it my whole page refreshes. Fix this crap Zuck

red circle with a X


There’s a red circle with a X on the right side of my screen for some reason and I can’t get rid of it.



Lots of old people and weirdos someone said they would taze me in my nut sack

I can’t even post anything

kurtis bake

Facebook has been working great for me for a while until now. I’m not sure if it’s just a little glitch that can be fixed but it’s taking so long to post anything on my profile and I’ve given up posting because it hasn’t worked at all and I’m wasting time waiting for it to post lol. Other than that, I’ve enjoyed it :)



Censure arbitraire

No support when hacker gets into ur account or password


Facebook terrible support, my account hacked , party posted child porn or something not permitted and knocked me off w/ no chance for me to defend myself. How can an APP that’s so tech savvy not have systems in place to find out who made the inappropriate posts under my account?

Can’t log in


Every time I try to log in, it says “unexpected login error occurred” and doesn’t let me. I’ve tried updating, then deleting and reinstalling,and nothing works. Even the links FB sends to my email for one-tap login don’t work. I can login on Safari, but not this app. It won’t let me use Messenger either.



I’ve been using Facebook religiously since 2009, back in July someone hacked my Facebook and Instagram, since they were intertwined, and there was NO physical way for me to get it back since they changed my email, password, and number. When reported I get a notification on my new facebook saying that someone reported the profile because they’re claiming/ pretending to be me but then y’all reply saying that they are me and they didn’t cross any community guidelines. They had been sending a picture of my drivers license to people through messenger trying to scam them and I’ve received messages being cussed out because my old profile “ripped them off”. Really only keeping it around because that’s how I keep up with friends since they’ve gone all over the place since graduation. I lost pictures, conversations with friends that have passed, and things that I’ve been sharing/ memories I had made as “statuses” over the last 12 years. If y’all want it “poppin’” like it use to be, you need to take what complaints are out there into consideration and fix it. Also need to monitor for scammers when reported and do something about it. ??