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Facebook is free iOS app published by Meta Platforms, Inc.

Has taken a very sad turn

oak tre

Spreads false information and helps fuel hate. Hope someday the algorithm and facebooks incentives change, so sad they put profit over the well-being of its users. I use to use FB to connect with distant relatives and share pictures of my family, but its became such a negative place.. truly heartbreaking. I am hoping for a healthier future, unity & trust again.

Uncalled for censorship


My account has been blocked several times simply because bots picked up a term commonly used without malicious intent. After the last ban i sent a rebuttal and they extended my ban from 24 hours to 7 days, when if they would have looked at the posts they would have rescinded the ban. All politics aside, FB is clearly pushing to hush people who’ve used the app for years. Almost time to delete the app itself. Update: I’ve been hit with a 28 day restriction. Deleting this garbage.

Won’t load


Won’t load won’t show anything new

It doesn’t work

lol and smile

That’s it It doesn’t work with mobile data and I don’t know why

Censorship at their fingertips


This app is poison, and they also bought Instagram, this company is exploiting the fake that because they’re a private entity they don’t have to follow first amendment laws and try shape peoples ideologies to their wills. They’re used by politicians they push agendas instead of allowing people to speak this company went from being a tool of connection to trying to interject on our freedoms and personal thoughts and liberties. Zero stars !

Kiss your info goodbye


Terrible product that spreads anger and hate when it is working and on top of it their utter lack of customer service makes it harder to recover your account and info than for someone to steal your personal info. Don’t get this app and remove it before you can’t because someone else took over your account. Facebook is hot garbage.

Hate it


I hate notification dots. On the iPad app I can’t figure out how to get rid of the ones appearing on the “watch” tab. There is plenty of advice on how to do this with the phone but not iPad.

Not a publisher, heavy censorship


Sad that Facebook will soon be just a memory. Millions of people are leaving Facebook because of censorship. Thing they label “False” is an opinion. If they don’t like what you have to say the label your post, “missing content”. So bye bye Facebook.

Dying Site


Facebook stop being fun after they allowed EVERYONE to join and started selling our information. It lacks diversity, class and intelligence. So happy I left FB AND Instagram. Such a waste of time.

Facebook is so slow


Lately the app and on the computer Facebook has been so slow. Keeps getting stuck and keeps spinning and spinning, so annoying!!