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Facebook is free iOS app published by Meta Platforms, Inc.

I’m switching to TikTok

Papa karahalios

There is more add on this app than people, I even removed all of the pages and groups I fallowed when I did this even more adds came up wanting me to fallow the pages. Haha anyway, at least TikTok their adds I can skip, I can actually interact with my friends and I don’t need to deal with mark. To be fair I would rather have MySpace.



It was fine until I just updated it. Now it’ll only load 2 posts and nothing more. The update is crap. Ruined the app completely.

my friend is the best jeff besos cosplayer

Kai (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃

my friend cosplayed jeff besos on tiktok, they were the best at it



Facebook still exists I thought this died-???

I cannot log into Facebook!


Facebook won’t let me log in it keeps saying there’s an unexpected error! I am so disappointed I can only access Facebook through the web browser !



I recently updated my phone like yesterday and now my Facebook account has been hacked. If my Facebook account has been hacked, why do you think I’m going to send you a picture of my drivers license if you can’t even secure the account in the first place?


what the f^ck

I keep getting banned for the most asinine reasons. I’m done. You need ZERO STARS!!!



Having issues with logging in. Tried their website and help option but nothing worked. Could not update nor recover my page. Too many features but nothing is clearly labeled to help users!

Facebook lost their way years ago


Facebook, and dictated “fact checkers” are complete garbage. There is one view the Facebook liberal view. This company is circling the drain. What they banned people for 6mo ago is now proven fact. The bias is undeniable and is their downfall.

Facebook Programmers need investigated


Facebook is trying to mess with individuals mental health. Try this, go leave a post on someone’s wall and type the word VERY. The predictive text on Facebook every single time for the last year and half will be “ventilator”, a word I do not type regularly. I type very a lot. There are several other Covid related words it does this with. Now close the app and type the same exact post in a message or anything and the predictive text will not be “ventilator”. Even writing this I had to type out the entire word. It’s not in my iPads memory, But the word “very” pops right up as soon as I hit “v”! All that people are going through only an evil company would program that stuff in to mess with people.