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Facebook is free iOS app published by Meta Platforms, Inc.

Where’s my Avatar?


I upgraded Facebook, found someone who just created their avatar clicked on the create your avatar and then it tells me to upgrade my Facebook app when it is already upgraded!!!! I really would love to have the ability to use my avatar again. Please fix this! Thank you.

Can’t post since update!!!


WTH can’t post at all!!!! Can comment and like but not post!!!

Goes against your rights


No freedom of speech!! They will restrict your account for making comments in friends post that isnt facebooks right or business to delete or “punish” you for.

No free speech!


Speak the truth and they ban you. Absolutely garbage company that does not respect YOUR rights to free speech. They constantly take your comments “out of context” and ban you for them. I just deleted all their junk. We need another platform.

Please separate reels from the videos page


I loveeee to watch videos on Facebook it’s literally my only source of television. Lately my videos page is filled with reels that I am not interested in and they’re showing up more than the videos. All I’m asking is to put it on a different tab so I don’t have to click the see less button on 2000 reels. The videos tab is the only feature on Facebook I still use. And if reels takes over the videos I’ll just delete my account and app and find videos elsewhere. I’m begging you to change this



I’m so over the fact that people can view my pictures and post them as well without my permission fb stop livestream for little or no freaking reason nonetheless fb allow other people to do as they please with my content ???

Falla demasiado


Tiene muchas fallas y se congela la aplicación cuando veo videos

Censorship of options


FB is being tyrannical by censoring its platform. This is America. Freedom of speech

Terrible App


Really hate this app and what any social media is doing to hurt society.

facebook tweakin


everytime i try login in it says " an unexpected error has eccorred " but everything is correct