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AirFile - Cloud Manager for Dropbox and OneDrive

** #1 Dropbox, Box, GoogleDrive, OneDrive, Office 365, FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, S3 app in the App Store! **
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** iOS 8 and iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus Ready! **

AirFile lets you manage and access all your clouds in one place. You don't need to use each application for each cloud. It provides you an unified access to all your clouds.

Are you looking for an app that allows for accessing multiple Dropbox, multiple Box, multiple GoogleDrive, multiple OneDrive, multiple OneDrive for Business, multiple Bitcasa, etc? AirFile is exactly an app designed for this use case.

It allows you to add multiple clouds, email multiple files, upload any files to clouds, download photos and videos onto the device, sort files with many different options, transfer files between clouds, edit and save text files back to clouds, restore deleted files, make files offline, play music files right in the cloud and a lot more.

AirFile supports most of popular clouds: Dropbox, Box, GoogleDrive, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Office 365, MediaFire, Bitcasa, Copy, SugarSync, ownCloud, ADrive, DriveHQ, MacMate, Yandex.Disk. It also supports many network servers: FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, DreamObjects.

***** SamAustralia: "To me, it was very helpful. I have tried many other apps, non of them was able to help me with what I wanted to do with my cloud accounts like AirFile. It is good."

***** Rhoknee: "Elegant yet effective - It love this app. It is so well designed yet it does what it does so effectively. I can move files or even folders between my cloud spaces with so much ease. It has helped me organize my spaces."

***** DavidPro59: "It’s amazing app! - It’s amazing app, it makes dropbox better. Now I can managed and transfer files between my dropbox account and my company accounts (GoogleDrive). Thanks!"

- Accessing two Dropbox accounts, one for personal use, the other for company use.
- Transferring files between Dropbox and OneDrive.
- Transferring files between OneDrive and OneDrive for Business.
- Emailing one or more files as attachments.
- Uploading any files from any apps to any clouds.
- Downloading videos from clouds to the device for offline use.
- Sorting files by modified date, name, size or kind.
- Copy files from Dropbox to GoogleDrive, and vice versa.
- Open a text file in your Dropbox, edit the content, save back to your Dropbox.
- Restore deleted files right in the app.
- Share public links to any files.
- Make files offline.
- Play music files right in the cloud.

- Slick design.
- Fantastic user experience.
- Dual panes on iPad makes file transfer so simple.

- It uses OAuth protocol to access your data. It does not store your password.
- We respect user privacy. AirFile does not send and use any user data.

AirFile comes with two versions: Free and Pro. The Free provides you all features that make AirFile different from other file manager apps. However, you can only select up to two clouds to add to AirFile in the Free version. If you need to add unlimited clouds, you can upgrade to Pro. When you are in Pro, you will find AirFile much more powerful than any other cloud file manager apps.


Just makes sense

I can't remember if it was on my one drive, my google drive or in the iCloud. Now I don't have to.


This app is designed so that every step of modification of a file or folder or moving a file or folder is intuitive, quick and efficient. Excellent interface.

Nonstop crashes

Crashes when using Google Drive all the time, especially when uploading files. Also the UI buttons for allowing you to upload files shouldn't have visible gaps between them where you can see the window underneath them.

Perfect for viewing, useless for practical application

It is really nice having my clouds accessible from one access point. And this app works really well for viewing files. However, when it comes to using the app for moving files, it is grossly inadequate. It will not continue to transfer files in the background and times out consistently when transferring larger files regardless of what cloud service is being accessed. I hope this can be resolved as the most recent update came out weeks after notification of this problem without a resolution to this issue.

File transfer

Unfortunately, the app is broke since the latest update. Files being transferred are only partially transferred. Was working perfect before the April 2014 update. 5 stars previously, now it is pretty useless until fixed.

No longer outstanding app

I use to love this app. I gave it 4 stars at one time. Then the developer created a Pro app which allows the user to synch to multiple cloud accounts which I do not need as I have only one Dropbox account that I wish to link to. Additionally, the developer has added advertisements. Now EVERY TIME I open this app, it asks if I want to upgrade to the Pro version and ads are at the bottom of the app full time. I purchased this app at least a year ago on the basis of no ads and no bothersome reminders to upgrade to a newly created Pro version. What would be fair is to allow me to have the app I paid for at the time or to charge one time some small amount to make the ads go away and leave me alone about upgrading. I am getting very close to deleting this app and recommend to others not to buy it, if the problem continues.

Needs to be fixed

Why was the offline part of the app removed. It was a great app until that was removed. The local folders you still need a connection to view the files. Please bring back the feature.

Best cloud file managing app ever!!!!

Literally does everything I need for secure, mobile company file management! THANK YOU!!!!



Advertisements are Modal

The application has advertisements that periodically cover the screen and prevent use of the app until the advert is dismissed. There's no way to make a purchase that removes the in-app adverts. Decent file transfer client. Horrible user experience.

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