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AirFile - Cloud Manager for Dropbox and OneDrive is free iOS app published by Tuyen Dinh



Cool !!


TF2 Fan


Good but be prepared to be driven to madness


Summary: Good implementation. Horrible ads. Yes, the ads in the free version are obnoxious. I see someone has warned that they are also in the paid version. So much for buying this app. The implementation is good. Dual pane view is useful. I wish folders could be marked as favorites. This is really the one key deal breaker for me (did I mention how obnoxious the ads are?) I wish the toggle for dual pane view was on the top menu not hidden in settings. The free version could have four stars but it looses three for the ads.



It's great to add this new feature that includes an excellent list of the basic ones . I'm really excited with my list that are extensive and variable for me. They are more than 25 applications all added on this AirFly . I want to recommend to my best friends the excellent feature. My score will be 5 points.

Terrible app, avoid


Downloaded the free version, thinking I'd try it first. All I got was full screen video ads. When I finally connected, could not upload pics to S3. The would just quit. This is garbage, avoid at all cost.

Nice app if ads weren't so a of noxious


Ads go full screan and then full volume. Very loud and drive me crazy. Other user said the ads are in paid version too. Oh well. Un install. Lol.

Nice app


I use it to view a secondary Dropbox account, since the Dropbox app will only access one account.

Worth the money


The pro version is worth buying. It does not have ads as some people say. Files can be transferred between Dropbox accounts directly between servers. Files between Dropbox and onedrive are done via the iPad but still fast and easy.



I've had this app for a couple years now. I hadn't used it for a while, and when I tried it again recently, I found that the full-screen and full-sound ads that pop up every 15 seconds makes the app unusable. What's the point of having the thing if you have to spend all your time closing adds? Only 1 star because 0 was not an option.

Garbage due to ads & overpriced IAP


You can only add 2 cloud accounts unless you pay the (overpriced) $5 IAP. I would think you'd have a more reasonable IAP. $5 for the "pro" functionality is too much considering how bad the reviews are. I could see $1.99 or possibly $2.99 if there were some additional features but not $5, not for this. BTW this app loses a lot of value since removing sftp support. It's too bad. I still think this looks like it could be a useful app but it's still overpriced considering the reviews and removal of features i.e. sftp support).