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AirFile - Cloud Manager for Dropbox and OneDrive is free iOS app published by Tuyen Dinh

Not bad, some WebDAV issues


Definitely worth an upgrade to pro. I use it to sync between my WebDAV server and OneDrive. There seems to be an issue accessing WebDAV folders with spaces in the path. Fix that, I'll give 5 stars.

Password Now Unrecognizable

Common Reviewer

It's now indicating a passcode that I've used for a significant amount of time is now incorrect. Last update by far the worse.

Worth paying for full version


No other app syncs so many different clouds, including Adrive. I love it. Have it on iphone, ipad, and Mac. Never lets me down. Has made working from the cloud so much more possible, and affordab by utilizing multiple free accounts.

Great app!


Well designed app, I am trying to use it with Cloudian storage, but it is not working

Excellent app!


This app lets me quickly and easily browse and search through all of my Dropbox, Google Drive, and SkyDrive accounts. This version brings in the ability to add in my VPS via SFTP. But the best part is the ability to quickly transfer files between the services when I'm not at my computer. I was a little upset that all of a sudden that I was being charged again in one of the past upgrades. But it was so worth it! Even if you just use this for Dropbox. It loads so much faster than the native app.

Really annoying full screen ads


Annoying animated ads all the time, and then keeps popping up full screen ads, sometimes within the same minute! Really hard to use! And there's no chance I'm paying for Pro without them fixing these problems, but they've actually been removing features. No sync support for photos. Photos uploaded from camera roll don't preserve their modified (taken) timestamp or keep their "real" name, they are named by a non-configurable string of the timestamp and the timestamp when you uploaded them! Pretty messed up. Deleting for now, too painful to use. Might try again later if they fix the photos and the constant full screen ads.


Jeff Zacharias

I paid for the pro upgrade. Then they removed sftp. Now the app is totally useless to me. Either sftp back or give me a refund. Update: another release and sftp is still missing.

Deleted SFTP?


The deletion of sftp support is unacceptable. It was one of the reasons I upgraded to Pro (to transfer files from server to server). Now it’s gone, with no response from the developer to my inquiry. Also, despite being a Pro user, I get full screen ads? What’s up with that? Really annoying.

Irritating full screen adverts


Installed and removed after 10 min. Advertisements way too intrusive and irritating.



Should have icloud drive support