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Are you looking for a good app for your Blogger content? This app is for you.
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Social Networking $2.99 Tuyen Dinh iPhone, iPad, iPod

It is the best replacement for the original blogger app.
Many advanced features that you never find in any other apps.

* Add multiple photos to posts
* Preview posts before publishing
* Save posts as drafts
* Edit existing posts
* Publish posts
* View comments for a blog, across all posts
* Mark comments as spam
* Approve spam comments
* Delete comment or remove comment content
* Rich text format
* Blogger app with native interface support for iPhone and iPad
* Landscape mode for iPad
* Share your blog post links to social networks Facebook, Twitter, etc.
* Secure login to your account
* Buy once to get a full version forever
* Make most out of your with this app

Disclaimer >
* The app itself does not host content on servers. It is just a third party client to By conforming to Blogger API Services Terms of Service, this app allows users to manage their blog posts.
* This app does not store password. It uses OAuth2 protocol to gain access to blog posts via Blogger API.


Waste of money

I wanted to try this app seeing that this is the only one for Blogger and was unfortunately let down. I can see that this app still needs a a lot of work. It doesn’t give you an option to adjust the sizing of your photos which is most important to me when working on a new post. Other than that it seems okay, but I was hoping for more functionality and easy access to the options that it gives you, yet it’s so tedious and quite annoying.


Do not waste your money This application is useless. You literally can not edit anything, neither the text, nor photos. Inefficient! Give me my money back!!

Great app for the traveling blogger and those who want to leave their laptop.

I love the flexibility of this app and the ability to post on the go. But I do have one problem. How do you make sure that when you share a post to social media, which I do regularly, the post you are sharing will link back to the post on the website? I was able to do this for several months of use and then all of a sudden, when I started tracking the website with the analytics app that goes with this app, I could not seem to link back to the individual posts after posting to social media. The link just went to the home page and not the original post that I was sharing online. Not sure what happened. I did not add any codes to the HTML website that would block linking back to the posts. I thought it would be corrected if I added a new post to my website, but it did not work. Could you please tell me how to make sure that the post I am sharing on social media is actually linked back to the individual post on my website and does not direct the reader to the homepage? Thanks.

Doesn’t upload photos

I hate not being able to upload photos. That’s the only reason I got this app. Waste of money.

Doesn’t work - won’t upload photos
Big chewy

When you try to put a picture it, it says “uploading”, and then nothing happens. Your pictures don’t show up.

This app doesn’t actually work

Save your money. You can’t upload photos without crashing app and the text posts don’t upload. At least I paid $3 to give Apple access to my Google account. Thanks dev.


Don’t waste your money. You can’t even upload a pic when you are trying to write a blog post. You can choose what photo you want to upload, it then tries to “upload” a photo but it never shows up. I wish I could get my money back. Extremely upset.

Zero stars

This used to upload my photos from my iPhone or iPad, but now it won’t allow any to upload. Just takes the “time” to upload, then shows up blank


I am trying to find an app to replace the blogger app that has disappeared from the App Store so I can blog from my phone. I only take pictures with my phone now and it would be so nice to upload the pictures into a blog post and edit it from my phone. This app will let you create a post but you cannot upload any pictures. Additionally, you cannot save a draft. It publishes without any opportunities to save for later or schedule publishing date. You also cannot save an online draft for editing on other devices. Straight to publishing with this app. A failure for my purposes.

Terrible app no autosave!!!

Closed my phone to talk with a friend after writing for 30 minutes and all of my progress was lost. Terribly frustrating.

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