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S3 Tools is a tool and client for uploading, retrieving and managing data in Amazon S3.
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Amazon S3 provides a simple web services interface that can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web.

Powerful and easy to use, it will help you:
- Reliably Upload and Download your files to and from Amazon S3
- Publish your Content using Amazon S3
- Browse, Create, Delete Amazon S3 Buckets
- Full support for Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration
- Fast working multithreaded Http Engine
- Advanced Web URLs Generator
- Replicate data with one step
- Preview documents, PDFs, photos, videos and more
- Share files and folders easily with others
- And Many More!

Disclaimer >
This app is an utility to let you connect to cloud servers. It does not provide content.


Ads galore

This thing works great for basic s3. However I have never seen an app so laden with full screen ads. Renders the app nearly unusable.

This thing is pretty bad
Just Your Usual Reviewer

There’s no share sheet and I only supports uploading photos. It makes no use of the Files manager or the ability to upload from other applications. The UI is weird and not very good. Furthermore it is plastered in obnoxious ads. I deleted it within minutes.




Ads pop up every time I open the app. They are full screen so you can't ignore them. When I click the button to close the ad it opens a browser and redirects to the advertised site. After I close that and reopen the app, I just get hit with the same thing. I've only been able to view a single full screen ad on this app - that's it.

Ads are annoying

I began to sign-in to my S3 account but there was a full screen ad at every step. I deleted the app immediately since I don’t trust the constant intrusion. Who knows what would happen to my login credentials? Fail!

Only supports aws s3

I have a vultr s3 storage that I can’t access, because this app only connects to aws s3, not the s3 protocol. Probably doesn’t matter to most people, but it’s very frustrating for me. At least ftp and sftp work very well.

Steals your clipboard

Whatever you last copied into your clipboard this app reads the moment you launch it. Obviously it has no use for that information other than..........

Lucas Hoheisel

Only supports AWS S3 no wasabi or Min0 instances here.



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