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AirFile - Cloud Manager for Dropbox and OneDrive is free iOS app published by Tuyen Dinh

Broken by IOS 8.0 on iPhone 5s.

Paul from Westchester

Best cloud aggregator. I use pro version all the time. Just crashes since iOS 8 update. I'm sure fix is on the way. Please hurry!

great app but ios8 tanked it


It no longer works, just opens and then crashes. Also when it was working it seems to have a size limit but I'm not sure how big, it just doesn't work for big files.

Unable to open app


The app crashed every time I opened it. I was unable to access app, maybe it's a good app when it works, but I don't know.

Crashes in iOS 8

Steve Osborne

PLEASE update for new iOS. It will not work at all. I use this app regularly. Now I can't use it. It crashes moments after being launched.

Direct contradiction of promise


From the in app info: “Lastly, if we decide to monetize AirFile we have to do it right. No advertising, no ridiculous prices, something affordable for all.” What happened to that??? I'm not upgrading until this is fixed. I'd rather have only one cloud and no ads! ** edit ** The developer promised no ads from the start. Still has ads? Thus, still 0 stars. ** edit ** I'm still on version 1.3.9 haha. New version still has ads? Still 0 stars.

Excellent app before iOS 8

Marlin Hicks

This app syncs all my clouds easily but it only crashes when opened since the IOS 8 update. Please fix !

iOS7, Great


Needs 6 stars. Try and find a cloud storage service that it doesn't support. Seamless, supports everything, open anything in any program. This is just what I was looking for.

Was nice


But crashes after updating my iphone 2 OS 8



Free version crashes after full page ad. Useless. I won't pay for Pro version to see if it might be any better.

I like it


This app is great but before I bite the bullet and pay for pro. I would like to see a detailed progress bar when uploading folder. Especially large one. The upload speed, how much memory remaining and the percentage bar goes a long way. I will def. keep an eye for updates for this app. Thanks