No longer outstanding app – AirFile - Cloud Manager for Dropbox and OneDrive Review

I use to love this app. I gave it 4 stars at one time. Then the developer created a Pro app which allows the user to synch to multiple cloud accounts which I do not need as I have only one Dropbox account that I wish to link to. Additionally, the developer has added advertisements. Now EVERY TIME I open this app, it asks if I want to upgrade to the Pro version and ads are at the bottom of the app full time. I purchased this app at least a year ago on the basis of no ads and no bothersome reminders to upgrade to a newly created Pro version. What would be fair is to allow me to have the app I paid for at the time or to charge one time some small amount to make the ads go away and leave me alone about upgrading. I am getting very close to deleting this app and recommend to others not to buy it, if the problem continues.
Review by Jgt773 on AirFile - Cloud Manager for Dropbox and OneDrive.

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