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2048 is free iOS app published by Ketchapp

lacking only in controller support


love this game wish i only thing it should be compatible with controllers for ios.


hmm well ill be

Oh y’all must think I’m stupid

High scores don’t work


It’s supposed to save the five best scores. It does not. It saves the five times that you beat your old record. If you didn’t beat your current record, it won’t keep the score in the five best, even if it’s a higher score than one if the saved scores. What it *should* do is remove the lowest of the saved five and save the higher score, even if it was lower than the current best score. But no. A second best score just goes away. Annoying. And the ads are ridiculous. You have to watch a full minute of the crap. They don’t call it a time sink for nothing.



Multiplayer doesn’t work

Ads ruin the game

Thomas Riordan

Game isn’t playable because of the amount of adds being pushed on you

Multiplayer is broken


The multiplayer function no longer works. I invite my friend to play with me and when he accepts the invite it says “connecting” or “ready” but the game never begins. We used to like to play together, so this is really disappointing. We made sure the app was updated. Not sure if the feature has been disabled, but if that’s the case, the buttons shouldn’t be there anymore. The game itself is very fun, it’s just frustrating always trying to play with others and having it fail to connect.

Game Crashed Before I Could Win

NBA Jive

This game was made by idiots for idiots.




This game bricks your phone


This garbage app glitches out and bricks your phone. Do yourself a favor, don’t download it.

Ads won’t close or go on mute


I enjoy this game but can’t find it relaxing when an ad plays after every game with loud noise even though I had the game sound on mute, and it obscures the X or doesn’t show it at all. Im playing for free, I get it, so I’ll watch the ads! But dang. Uninstalled the same day.