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2048 is free iOS app published by Ketchapp

Any suggestions?


I have loved this game, but now when I try to play, the screen locks up with an ad for another game to “Get.” I deleted and reloaded the app…lost my high score :-(…but the same thing happens.



No way to close some ads even after they fully played. Have to close app and re open to continue playing. The mute setting for game does NOT control ad volume.

terrible for mac

Dave Matador

this application instantly hung my macbook pro when i opened it. terrible

Causes my iPhone to crash; malware?


I’m not sure if it is the ads, or if the ad server is infected with malware, but I have found that the app causes my iPhone to “hang.” I can’t switch apps, and I can’t do a soft reboot. (Only a hard reboot with the volume up/down + power switch) This really worries me, and it makes me think the ads and/or the app are worse than annoying. Even if the ads aren’t trying to inject malware, an app should cause your iPhone to hang.

Too many ads


Fun to play but ruined by constant pop up ads.



Apparently I don’t have to even touch my screen for this app to immediately open my browser with an ad. Definite no go for me, it opened 6 new tabs with ads on my browser in less than 30 seconds

Keeps freezing

linda kam linda kam kam

Used to run great, now lags and freezes constantly.

Game resets and overheats


I recently downloaded this game again after not playing for years. I’m frustrated because the game keeps resetting to 0 when I exit, plus it gets super slow and overheats my phone. Needs an update to fix these bugs in order to be playable.

Fix the bugs


This is honestly my favorite app, but the most recent update makes me want to delete it forever. I have ADHD and I use this app when I need to listen to long lectures. It’s just enough mind power and swipes fast enough (or it did since the most recent update) that it’s a lifesaver fidget-type game for me. Now with the update, I can’t get up past 10k points before it slows to a crawl and then shuts off. Please fix this soon, I don’t want to find another game.


Yoga easy

Awesome game. Too many ads though. Also, you guys should add a dark mode. Then the game won’t be too bright at night.