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4/5 rating based on 747 reviews. Read all reviews for 2048 for iPhone.
2048 is free iOS app published by Ketchapp

Can’t move tiles


When I open the app I can’t move the tiles

Unplayable with so many ads


What a scammy version of this game. The ads virtually make this game unplayable, I deleted this game and downloaded another version that's very playable even with ads.

Paid $2.99 for ad free version, STILL ADS!


Why am I still seeing ads pop up after I finish a game? I specifically paid to not have to see ads and got the old bait-and-switch. You won’t see ads under game while you play, but they don’t specify about ads after your game. The game is fun enough, swipe the game closed after I finish to skip ads then reopen.

Waste of money


Paid for no ads and still get ads.

Good until you get to 8192 tile


Ads can be annoying but biggest problem is when you close the app once you’ve gotten the 8192 tile it crashes and forces you to restart. This has happened to me a half dozen times.


stress !

ads are hard to click out of, merging animations not smooth, game crashed and lost all progress

Used to be great. Now too full of ads


Cannot recommend. This game forces you to watch pages of ads between games.

A User Made Their Own App Due 2 This TPoC!


Lost me at CONFIRM NOTIFICATION on first use ☠️ For this 12k v 278 downloads for 2048, I say Go LOW!

Wish they had a dark / night mode


Great game - though barely playable if you don’t purchase the ad-free version. Frustrating that there’s not a version that uses a black background.

Best app ever!


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