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2048 is free iOS app published by Ketchapp

Ads are too much


Pace yourself, you don’t have to cram all the ads down our throats at once

Cool math games has a better version


Okay so, I’m writing a longer comment in hopes that the AppStore shows this. As long as the challenges and the multiplayer isn’t what you are after, and you are after 2048 itself. Head over to cool math games, go to 2048, you may have to browse some to find it. Hit add to home screen, and it will be full screen just like a app, it saves and everything. I hope this helps someone out.



Good game but unplayable programming glitches. As you advance in the game (over 10,000) the game lags impossibly and then crashes. In fact, it even freezes and crashes your iPhone. It’s too bad because it’s a distracting and fun game. Just programmed poorly.

Gameplay is clunky


I don’t know if it’s the ads or bad coding, but compared to another version on iOS that I play, this one isn’t good at all. The tiles are not very responsive to movement. Also, seriously, the code is free. The game doesn’t need this many ads on it.

Great unreal last update

Elise A133

Lagging, freezing, and shutdowns with lost games are ruining the experience for me. Hope you have a fix soon!



If you want to play 2048 with seconds of lag and constant ads, then this app is for you!

Cant even play


Adds wont let me play in Game Center

Freezes up


This game would be great and relaxing except that it constantly freezes up! Sometimes I can’t get more than a few swipes before I have to close out the game because it just stops working! It’s not worth it.

Look elsewhere


Lots of unnecessary and intrusive ads that pop over screen. When I locked my phone it deleted all my progress. Look elsewhere.

Fun but freezes


I had two 512s lined up below a 1024 and the stupid game froze. NOOOOO!!!