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2048 is free iOS app published by Ketchapp



I love this

Remove ads purchase doesn't remove the video ads, only the banner ads


As the title says, the "remove ads" purchase only seems to remove the banner ads, not the annoyingly long video ads that appear after you lose a game.

Ads freeze the game


The new ads have been freezing the game. Pretty awful.

Advertisements Not For Kids


It is the same game as before but now with advertisements. Some advertisements objectify women. Would not suggest kids using this application if you are concerned about them seeing this. After submitting this, I realized that they already moved the game from 4+ to 12+. It says a lot about a company that takes a learning game and increases the age to accommodate their questionable advertisements.

Don’t download


Glitch city! Also too many ads!

super laggy


Game freezes and is slow to respond. Makes my phone heat up like crazy. I’m on a brand new iPhone 13, no reason why a simple game should be barely playable.

New version is extremely choppy


I didn’t update the app for a while, but I used to play 2048 on my phone whenever I had nothing to do and it was always really satisfying and helped me calm my restlessness. I finally updated and the latest version is terrible. The animations are super choppy and it feels horrible every time I swipe. This game used to be satisfying but now it’s just irritating.

Ads are bad


Ads are crashing the game and making my phone heat up.



The app will lag on purpose so the ad will load and you end up clicking them. Get this off the App Store

fun but glitches


i love this game but it glitches out all the time