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2048 is free iOS app published by Ketchapp

Audible ads


I get that I have the free version but the fact that you can’t mute the ads makes it that I can play in public without disturbing people around me.

Crashes all the time

E Pal ******

What happened? Most recent update makes the game crash constantly :(

Glitch Glitch


The apps been glitching a lot since the last update and it freezes my phone

Great game - glitchy & slow lately


Love the game, but moving the tiles have been lagging and slow. It totally takes away from the game being enjoyable. Hope it rectified soon.

Too many ads


The game is great fun, good challenge, been playing off and on for years but I often kill the app due to constant barrage of advertising.

Multiplayer doesn’t work. Very frustrating.


I love playing this game and really wanted to play it with my friends. But when I try to through game center it just sits there and says “starting the game...” and never starts. So we r unable to play. This is very frustrating and hopefully the app developers fix this soon.



How can play multiplayer?

Don’t let them trick you into buying it


Removing ads DOES NOT WORK. I bought this game for my elderly grandmother in the hope that she could enjoy the game without getting confused when an ad pops up. In between each game an advertisement is still shown. Don’t waste your time, the company would be better off to disclose that information during purchase or to simply allow different levels of ad removal. I WOULD PAY MORE FOR NO ADS. That’s the funny part.



excessive ads are bad enough but that they play audio even when the app is muted.

I’m not rating too high because it might not be the origonal but

rotten churros

You can tell it’s good when it takes a boring subject like math and makes an addictive game