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YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream is free iOS app published by Google LLC

Absolutely Love It


This app is probably my favorite app on my phone, its just so simple and everything in it makes sense!

Forced to pay

NBC apps is a fraud

The only way to play you videos in the background is to pay $12 a month. That’s a ripoff. That more than Netflix, and the Red Labeled content is crap. YouTube has and is demonetizing all of the content worth watching, and then wants you to pay a premium for a feature that should be included by default. The app is reliable. However, if you wish to play video on the background or when your phone is locked, use another app. Don’t give them your money. They charge you $12 a month for this feature ($144 per year). Compare this to Pandora, Netflix, or Spotify. YouTube has over stepped on this one and is being greedy.



It has become manure lately



The app itself is good but how biased the YouTube company is, is outrageous

App crashes would like YouTube to contact me about this


App keeps crashing every time I scroll through a channels videos when more than a 1000 videos are scrolled through it crashes I can’t watch any of the videos in the middle I can only watch new and old videos when I scroll it crashes

Control center


My control center won’t pop up on my iPhone when using YouTube and when I use another app it does wants to pop up. Pleas fix or tell what to do.

Save SML

aria51 fan

If you delete sml move I will rate 1 star ok

New update is garbage


New update that takes away the option to stream on a smart TV. Effectively ruining my 2 year olds life and making me have a crappy morning trying to figure this out.

I watch yt all the time

Minecraftgirl miner

Mine keeps freezing on the pick



Works great most of the time but lately some videos I try an watch just stop and don’t play so after backing out a few times it will finally work. PLEASE FIX YOUTUBE !!!!