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Year Walk is paid iOS app published by Simogo AB

I have no words...

DJ Dilophosaurus

This is THE MOST amazing game I have EVER played. It's so beautiful and intense and creepy. This game has changed me. I was tingling after I finished it. Also, don't use a walkthrough for this game. You will feel so much more accomplished after you have finished it and know that you finished it on your own. Buy this. Play this. Finish this. Experience this.

Fun, fresh, but too fast…

David Trionfi

Even on your first run its like an hour tops, then you can speed run it in 5 minutes, it really has zero replay value, there is only two endings, and it could of easily had a third outcome, it feels unfinished to me. This would be 5 stars if this was $1 but honestly the price was too high for what you get. That said, I would happily buy more "chapters" if they made a game with the same style. It was refreshing yet seemed so simple in its design, I'm confused why developers aren't making more in this style, it has overwhelmingly good reviews.



Absolutely beautiful.

Amazing by short


This game was absolutely beautiful (well if you like creepy stuff) but it was way too short and I finished it in 2-3 hours.

Sincerely Disappointed


I wanted to love this game, especially with all the reviews, I am such a big fan of games with depth and story and that immerse you into their world. This game was quite...dare I say pretentious? It alludes to having this intriguing, mysterious backstory where another app is needed to understand it, but I found nothing new, surprising or moving about it. It was extremely simple, the appearance of the different characters were so vague and relying on a previous understanding of them, which was never shocking or "woah, no way, this guy?" and then they would present a weird simple puzzle. I liked the concept of needing a backstory but I just feel that this game had a lot of potential and took advantage of none of it. I felt too disconnected to the game and the character because of lack of story, experiences within the game, and dialogue. While an interesting concept I felt it lacked what games like Undertale, FranBow, Life is Strange, (even Broken Age...hell, even Gone Home, that has no people in it), etc. offer to the table--a story and a connection with the game world and character. I personally feel these are the most important qualities of a great game experience. So, unfortunately I do regret buying the game and don't feel that I gained anything from it. PS. I loved Device 6 though ;)

Wish it were longer


I loved this game but I wish it were longer. I finished it the night I bought it and it was a bit anticlimactic.

Loved Device6, can't solve Year Walk


I loved Device6 so much that I tried their other game "Year Walk", but I find myself completely unable to progress in this game. I solved a few puzzle steps, but now that I finished those, I'm clueless as to what is next or what I'm supposed to do. It's like there is nothing left to do, but I obviously never came to any end. I'm just walking around in a forest with symbols on the trees, and I have no idea what those are for. The Year Walk Companion app also has a code you need to enter and I've no clue where this code comes from, or what it does. The Year Walk game is also a sort of confusing maze with overlapping paths that don't make sense to me, and very difficult to remember your way around. You would need an incredible intellect to map it in your head. Let's say 150 IQ. ... And I'm not going to draw the map on paper... Nor am I sure whether that's necessary or helpful. I have a high IQ and am told I have a brilliant and powerful mind. I loved Device6 and was able to solve it with only needing help on one puzzle. Nevertheless, I feel that I wasted my money on Year Walk as after just a couple of hours, I am unable to progress and I feel clueless as to what is next. I'm giving it 2 stars instead of 1 because I love the art, the sound, the feel of the game. I wish I knew of more games like the ones these guys make. These 2 are the only ones I've ever found, except for "The Room," which I just tried the sampler and that looks great. I intend to get that series.

Best game! Loved it


This is honestly one of the best, puzzles, games, and story I have ever taken part of. Hard to crack, and very addictive! I loved all the creative aspects and art choose for the theme. Hopefully the add on to this story line, or at least make another app. I loved this app so much I finished it in 3 days. I was disappointed that it was short (only because I loved it) I haven't ran into any of the glitches or problems other reviews stated. Pleas add on to this story line! Definitely worth buying, don't worry, every penny well spent. I truly was engulfed into the story, I will always remember this story. -1894- peace out y'all.



It's really pretty, but there's not whole lot of anything else. Maybe it's just me, but if you've got a limited amount of cash to spend on games and its this or the other one? Choose the other one. But if you've got credits to spare, this really is a gorgeous game.

:) :/ :) :/


Fun, then weird, cool, then weird. Kind of a complicated little game. There was definitely a lot of time and creativity put into this game. The graphics and music were cool. The companion app made for a more immersive experience. The gameplay itself is actually not a whole lot, it's more of an experience/puzzle game. You need a bit of patience as you try navigating around to see what to do next. The puzzles can be tricky, as you need to think outside of the box somewhat, but that's pretty fun when you figure it out. I did have to use a walkthrough a few times though, as sometimes I just couldn't think of what was needed to do. Be prepared, it's a bit scary, but even more so a bit disturbing. It helps if you finish the game ALL the way through, including all the reading. Then, the game is a little longer and the story is added to. To be honest, I'm not sure I would recommend it though, mainly because of the unpleasantness, but that may not bother others as much. It is pretty much impossible to give a general synopsis of this game, but if I could, I would say it is weird but fun gameplay-wise, and it is weird but interesting story-wise.