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Hey all gaming folk, join the fun and excitement of driving a yellow cab!
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Gone are the days when taxi drivers have to be crazy...or NOT! Step up and into the new generation of parking games in which taxi drivers will have to be relentless and park well. As a driver you have to pick up passengers, drive through traffic and drop them off at their destination in time. Remember time is of the essence. With this epic parking adventure of Taxi Driver 3D, you have to be the kind of cabbie who will take on any challenge and prove that he is better than the rest. So push on the throttle, steer well, view through different camera angles and drive and park your taxi like a pro.

Taxi Driver 3D features:
•Exciting taxi driving missions and level progressions
•Customizable controls (tilt, steer or buttons) to match your cabs driving style
•Marvelous graphics with a realistic environment
•Vibrant gameplay thats fresh and fun


My story

I love this game but it needs more work

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awesome fower

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About buying cars
translate is the best ever

Buying cars is probably the hardest part of the game because you either have to pay money or wait for you to get to a level it asks you and have to save to like more that 6000 coins and I kind of don’t get a lot a money so don’t recommend buying cars unless you want to buy a car with money save up to more that 6000 coins or wait for a level they ask you

Like but one thing

I don’t like when one day I have 2 different places to drive and the next I only have one . Fix this ?


I have a HUGE PROBLEM with the traffic lights. The Green light should last as long as the red one, and you shouldn’t get a penalty for crossing a red light if the light is not red. The yellow light should also be longer. This game could be way better. I get very frustrated with how unfair this game is. Also, sometime cars will run into me and I will get 10 coins off for no reason. Fix this. It’s not a suggestion. It’s mandatory. ?


I can’t get into the parking so yeah. And the lights, for parking it just says loading so I can’t even do it.?

Taxi 3-D
malia mensah

I like this game but we have to Wait for light and the car are you Close to you when you drive .Please make the game better thank you .

Awesome game

After playing for some time it is so good because it is just made so good like it so cool I have interest in it it is such a good game love it ?❤️❤️

My name is Adison

All in all amazing game I love it I hate adds but this one im glad I found

I cant take this anymore!
Jayden ( yes im a girl )

Its a OKAY game. I have so many complaints. 1. The people were driving to their location are too slow and take forever. 2. When the other card crash into us WE are the people that lose our coins and its annoying bc it happens every single time I play 3. The lights take forever to go to green when no cars are passing by but! When its green it only turns green for like 2 seconds. 4. I was playing today and I couldnt move then all cars crashed into me and I lost so many coins! Also I lost coins from the street lights when I didnt go past it when I couldnt even move! Those are all my complaints about then hame other then the the game its good or great its just fine and okay and watch out for these stuff so you can report it and hopefully THE CREATOR FIXES IT if not im deleting it because its annoying and im tired of it! Ughhh. You read what I had to said. To the creator: PLEASE IM BEGGING YOU please look through it and fix it please. Thank you