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GangWars -Crime Story behind Downtown Empire

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Ever imagined how it would feel to be a part of the Mafia? Ever wondered how it would be to risk your life to make a quick million? Ever thought about the palaces and mansions you could buy if you were a big time gangster?
Well now you can experience all of these things and a lot more. GangWars is a mass user based game where you can create your own gang and fight other gangs to gain supremacy in the world of war.
From doing jobs to buying properties, you will be able to live life like a real life Gangster. By buying weapons and ammunition, you will be able to keep your empire safe. You’ll be able to grow your own mob by initiating (inviting) friends to your mob. The larger your mob the fiercer it will be!
Danger is always around the corner, and you will constantly be under siege by other gangsters, hoping to surpass you in the search for glory.
All you have to do is be the best gangster the iPhone world has ever seen.
• Network based game where thousands of people could be a part of your Army
• Fighting Online Enemies
• Putting Cash Bounty on other gangster who might be a threat to your empire
• Free Lifetime Updates
• World Wide Leader board
• Gifts from the Godfather
This game works only when connected to the internet (WiFi, EDGE, 3G).
You can turn off the music if you don’t like it
Please keep visiting forums and website, as the game is different from traditional mafia games.



they say its free! BS!!!!! you will pay through the noise to play this is what the new apps. are about apple need to do somthing about app like this scam!!!!!!!!!! thats why you can read any older reviews or you will never get this game!!!!!

Needs work

I like it but it loads slow and there arnt realy any directions on how to play. Turf wars is better.

Game transfer

Very happy customer these guys helped me transfer my old game to my iPhone they worked very quick they r awsome!!!

Gang wars
Louisiana tiger11

I love this game, but at random it keeps exiting out. I love to play this game but it's not that fun to keep signing in multiple times while playing

Chase Dunlap

Add 329b2

Add 42e50

Need somebody that can kill add 42e50

Doesn't work

It crashes when it asks me to choose a player name.

Fix the bugs
Rock it all day

Game crashes all the time. Can't get pass the loading screen most of the time. Try to fight or do anything and it just says loading. Can't do anything with this game. The bugs need to get fix asap!! Will give a better rating once I am able to play

Fix the bugs

Game is always loading when you pick a certain icon and the game is always crashing

gangwars bugs

really good game played it on other carriers and runs perfectly. please fix crashes and reward with a nice update.