I cant take this anymore! – Taxi Driver 3D Review

Its a OKAY game. I have so many complaints. 1. The people were driving to their location are too slow and take forever. 2. When the other card crash into us WE are the people that lose our coins and its annoying bc it happens every single time I play 3. The lights take forever to go to green when no cars are passing by but! When its green it only turns green for like 2 seconds. 4. I was playing today and I couldnt move then all cars crashed into me and I lost so many coins! Also I lost coins from the street lights when I didnt go past it when I couldnt even move! Those are all my complaints about then hame other then the the game its good or great its just fine and okay and watch out for these stuff so you can report it and hopefully THE CREATOR FIXES IT if not im deleting it because its annoying and im tired of it! Ughhh. You read what I had to said. To the creator: PLEASE IM BEGGING YOU please look through it and fix it please. Thank you
Review by Jayden ( yes im a girl ) on Taxi Driver 3D.

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