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Taxi Driver 3D is free iOS app published by Khurram Samad

Best game ever

Cool kid 134

I love this game and the cars are just awesome and this game is fun

Great Game


The only few things I don’t like is that your gas goes down to quick and there is to much adds

Not good at all don’t download!


This app have terrible graphics! And is not even fun at all DO NOT GET THIS GAME!!!



This game is very good it has very few adds u get to do multiple things and u get to decorate your car with the coins u earn

To taxi driver


After playing this game for some time, there are many flaws. First the people are very slow and sometime act like there going to fall over. Also, the cars don’t turn like there supposed to and the reverse sometimes doesn’t work. Also, when I was do the parking part of the game the barriers were sometimes too close together and I couldn’t get through, but that wasn’t even the bad part there were like some kind of clear thin barrier on top of it making my car crash even though I had about a half a inch until I would hit the barrier. Also, I have been playing this game since the begging of summer and it had erased all of my progress! Witch made me supper mad! Also, I had gained the two levels that you had to pay for because I had got them as my daily gift and I only ended up getting one level which is not what I should of got. I would not recommend this game also because of its adds because there were way too many of them! Please do not buy this game!!!?

Great game


I am a taxi driver myself and I think this is pretty accurate

To the developers


So this game is fun, but the other drivers drive like IDIOTS! It’s super annoying here are some reasons: they stay put when the lights green so you can’t go. They don’t use the blinkers. They honk at you when you stop to pick up a customer even when your hazard lights are on. Not just the other drivers the game itself has problems, like there are only lights on the back of some cars so there are no blinkers. Even the cars that do have lights on the front they don’t have blinkers.

Can’t choose LA


So I spend a lot time playing this game. It’s one of my favorite even with the constant ads I really love this game. But there are few things that could be better. Others have already mentioned it so I won’t write it here. My problem is I unlocked Los Angeles, but I can’t choose it to play. It’s saying “coming soon” but I have already unlocked it. I’m at level 23 right now. I don’t know if it’s a bug or anything. Please fix it.

Absolute CRAP


This games steering is like trying to balance an egg on your nose, the other people driving, STUPID! THIS GAME IS $&@$!