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Sea Monster Shooting Strike 3D

Beware the Deep Blues, the Hungry Jaws and the Sharp Claws! Hunt the Monsters!
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The deep waters that are filled with the most wild and hungry sea monsters. The calm blues are extremely dangerous from within because there dwells underwater, the most vicious of predators. Hungry Sharks and Angry Crocodiles! Take out your weapons and go on a predator hunting expedition. You’ll get to hunt with the most high tech weaponry and shooting ammunition. So you’re out on an ocean monster hunt.
You’ll be attacked by hungry jaws and sharps claws. They have smelled your fear so they will approach you. Kill as many sharks and crocodiles as you can! Shoot them all down before they hunt you and make you the prey. These wild water beasts can be deadly when they are attacking. Fear their giant size, sharp teeth and a monstrous appetite. They will never show any mercy so you don’t need to show any to them. Hunt them down and shoot to kill. Missed shots can end in your death as they jump to attack on you.
Sharks are approaching, crocodiles are getting near. Choose between death and survival! Open fire at them or you will get hunted. These sea predators are vicious and blood thirsty so shoot them all down and clean the waters from these monsters.

Wicked weaponry with machine guns and ship upgrades
Realistic 3D graphics of the sea predators, sharks and crocodiles
Exhilarating shark and crocodile hunting expedition with a shooting killer machine


simple game

just watch the radar


Game is fun!!!

Great hunting

This is a fun game

Shark attack

Pretty fun but graphics are a bit simple. Game has huge potential to be fun and challenging.

Cool game

I like it. Its great

Fun game

My kid loves it

Not bad
Pizza Hut Manager

Amusing but repetitive. Always lags on the last part of the level.

Sea hunter

Good game




Good game

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