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4/5 rating based on 216 reviews. Read all reviews for Taxi Driver 3D for iPhone.
Taxi Driver 3D is free iOS app published by Khurram Samad

Good game for kids


Soo fun I recommend it to all the kids in the world

Sort of good


The app is sort of good because it is fun and all but at one point it gets really annoying because the passengers yell at you so much that you get really frustrated and angry.

This is ok

princess iecy8

I do not like when they tell me to go one way and then othe way that is the re

Boring after 2nd round plus Ads

Not logical

If you like seeing ADs after every round!!! Then play this game because that’s what happens. I could see after 3-4 rounds BUT after every round? That’s so annoying.

Good ????????


I love it

Taxi driver


It is a really fun game and makes you enjoy you focus more and it helps you in your driving skills ?

Amazing app

bai hat vietnam

Because this game is so amazing app ever

Why so much ads


The game is awesome but they have so many ads

They walk slow


The people walk so slow they take to long to walk they yell at u when u hit something or the don’t give u the money but I spend my time wasting my time on this stupidest game please don’t waste ur time do something and please don’t play this game because this game is so slow and the ugly slow game I seen in my whole life so don’t play this game



So I was playing as usual. I even had Los Angeles unlocked, but then the game restarted. I don’t know why this happened, of if it was a glitch, but it is really upsetting, and I would like it fixed. Also, while the light is green, you still get a penalty for going through a “red light”