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it just is alr?deal wit it.if you like tiktok more ur prob like a 9yr max /hj

Suggestions that’d really help

Hickleberry CUTTHROAT

The 3 star is fair I think but I’m not trying to address the app as a whole today. I think it would be really helpful if in the saved section the posts or reels that you’ve sorted into a personalized collection don’t show up in the “all posts” section or at least make it optional to appear there. It’s really time consuming and difficult to go through the list of things I’ve saved for an article or two. Also it’d be neat to view saved things by week/month maybe. I use Insta mainly for information gathering not so much socializing and I’d really appreciate making this tweak to the app idk if FB does it like that but that’d be wicked if there was more consideration for organizing effectively :)

Please fix this! Can’t Tag On Private Account

Cami Eden

I can’t understand and am extremely frustrating by the fact that instagram won’t let us tag accounts who do not follow us on our private accounts. This restriction is awful and pointless! I often tag brands I’m wearing to promote them to my followers and now I am unable to, which leads to miscommunication. Why would anyone unnecessarily change this? All mainstream apps have lately been making awful, unhelpful changes and I’m getting sick of using social media at this point because the apps are so frustrating.

Love it


I love how this app suggests posts based off of the people I follow. I could scroll for hours!

Thank you IG


Thanks IG for letting me reach my friends from all over in one place!

Copy rights


The only thing I don’t like is not being able to post videos because of copy rights. Have to get vids from TikTok or create my own.

Ever since Mark Zuckerberg Bullied Instagram into selling


INSTAGRAM IS THE WORSE just as bad as Facebook ugh. If Facebook didn’t get scrutiny for bullying Instagram-Mark probably would’ve bought Snapchat the same way by now too. You’re the worse and I hope you see this feedback.

Hate social media


So so Toxic!!


Liberty or Death753578854

It’s dumb



I am completely upset as I’m locked out of an account that I made as the other one was deactivated. I had to make another account. When I put in my password on the second account it says wait a minute to log back in and it’s been 24 hours. I’ve also emailed about this as I received an email last night that my account was “accidentally “ deactivated but has been reactivated but I can’t get into it. Please help!