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Instagram is free iOS app published by Instagram, Inc.

Unreliable Reporting for Hacked Accounts


My account was hacked over two weeks ago. Several people and myself have reported the account multiple times and nothing has happened. The hacker is going down my friends list and sending people bad links and asking for money under my name. They changed the primary email address to theirs so I can’t report the profile as directed in the unhelpful support center. The fact that META is such a big company but doesn’t have a call center or a easy way to report a stolen profile is ridiculous. The whole app has gone downhill since Facebook bought it but this was the last straw. Should have deleted the app when they switched the notification link with a shopping link.

Lots of Fun


We love sharing pictures and events with friends and people we have met along the way.

STILL no access to Add Yours


It’s been over 3 months, this is ridiculous. My app has been updated several times and I still don’t have this feature on any account. I have an XS so it’s not an outdated hardware issue either.

New Reels “Update”


Instagram’s new update changes how reels and the captions below them are viewed. It makes it much more difficult to read the caption, and nearly impossible to see a whole caption at once. Personally, this is the worst update in recent memory

Glitch in Lux Filter


When you try to upload multiple pictures and fix the lux filter from 50 to 0, it doesn’t seem to stay in that status. Right before I posted, I wanted to double check all my 3 posts Lux filter’s were still set to 0 and saw they all defaulted back to 50, bummer!



I’ve been noticing a lot lately that my Instagram hasn’t been showing me my friends and family’s posts like it used to. I seem to find myself following accounts that I never followed and have to constantly go in and unfollow spam accounts that have taken over my feed so I can continue to connect with the people I love. Very upsetting and frustrating.

Help submission doesn’t work!


I had an issue with the app and tried to submit an issue but even the help submission didn’t work. I don’t know how to get my issue resolved! I got a push notification indicating a contact of mine was on instagram BUT I do NOT have contact syncing on. Very suspicious!

Happened out of nowhere


I’ve had minor issues with Instagram for some time now but this is a issue I can’t even attempt to fix. I UPDATED the Instagram app this morning & now it literally force closes within 3 seconds every time I open it



Why I can’t reply in direct message or I can’t use 1 minute story ?