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Such a bad app I can’t add story hilights so many scammers scamming me on there this is not on

Frustratingly slow to load


I can’t help but wonder how I can stream Netflix with no issue but Instagram can’t load my feed or even my recent activity... seems like it should require less of a network to load some pictures and comments than to stream an entire television series in high def.

By the year this app degrades in quality


Used instagram since 2012. The app has made great leaps in improvement in capabilities and ui/ux, but their team has been crazy in regulating content. I’m trying to run a barebones media page for unbiased news and their machine learning algorithm literally will remove any post i upload for unexplained reasons. They say something like “malicious link attached to post”, no link on post at all, or “violent, NSFW content”, there literally is no content within my picture higher than a PG rating and i say PG rating because i cover finance topics that an ordinary kid may not understand, there is nothing in my content that’s suggestive. Meta & YouTube are falling because they are so drastic on the guise of “keeping communities safe” when they are indirectly controlling how their communities express themselves. This used to be social media, this used to be a place where you can still express yourself and not have to be muted by a random poor preforming ML model because you know how to treat others on social media like a grown adult. There probably is a small percent of bots need this kind of policing, not a rational person like me. Now with being unable to even post. I can’t use a social media platform as a means to kickstart my business. Thanks insta


Lucy Loves Ricky

Congrats to Instagram, single-handedly destroying my small business! My average 50-75 likes per post is now 2-3, TOPS. Thanks, corporate greed! Burn in hades.



I love the new updates of instagram

The likes?


I like how with likes you can organize them by date and oldest to newest. What I don’t like is say I like a picture on October 2 but it was posted July 1 I have to go all the way down to July to see that picture. And what if I don’t know the date of the picture then I’ll have to scroll and hope I find it. I like it better when it was in chronological order of when I liked it not when it was posted because then it makes me think I didn’t like it at all.

Worst app in history

Nike is lit

Worst app ever. I got my account stolen and Instagram never helped me or couldn’t even write me back at least letting me know if I can get it back or not. Screw you instagram. Worst app I’ve ever downloaded and I mean it.



I get disabled a lot for things that I didn’t do but other then that it’s a good way to stay in touch with people

Stolen account


I got my main account stolen and logged into for some reason? Nickpspn is my main account and I got logged out and couldn’t do anything about it! Couldn’t even change my password!

Instagram doesn’t care if you get hacked


I got hacked in November and have emailed instagram numerous times with no response. If your account gets hacked by people who are literally stealing your information and money instagram doesn’t care at all. I’ve had so many people get their money stolen as a result of trusting that my account is me when it’s actually hackers. Instagram needs to implement a system to help get accounts back.