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IFTTT - Automate work and home is free iOS app published by IFTTT Inc



Private all of me

Home widget missing


Still no home widget for buttons?



Worst of all


fquk you

Won’t let me unsubscribe?? Won’t work with my hearing aids. Just a pain in the butt!! Unsubscribe me now’!!!!! Had to give 1 star just to send this Worst app I have ever used!

Not working

A ozone

Still have problems

Work great ?


Easy to use

Doesn’t let me link

Exit on true

Keeps telling me to update the app, and failing when attempting to link a MyQ account. As an update found that you have to go to MyQ first and active a subscription for IFTTT before this will work.

Used to be good...


Used to fill a void, but because they’ve started charging for “pro” services, they’ve neglected the free subscribers and changed the interface. I css as my even see my use cases of IFTTT anymore. Also, Life360 is dropping support and that’s one of the major apps I used in conjunction with IFTTT. Looking for alternatives.

Too expensive



Love! But lately..


The app crashes every single time! It stays open for a moment, and then I'll try to do something (anything at all) and it force quits on me. I keep trying to go pro and as soon as I click it, it crashes. Relaunch, same thing. Viewing my applets, crashes. Open the app and stare at the landing screen, crashes. I love this app but this drives me crazy as there's applets I need to adjust. Please fix this!!!