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IFTTT - Automate work and home is free iOS app published by IFTTT Inc

Great app that keeps getting better!


I have found that it is an invaluable tool for social media!



it is really good & helpful. I recommend it.



This app makes me smile

Prob depends on what you use it for...


For saving my pictures to one drive great, but for turning my phone to silent or switching my wifi on and off when I enter a certain area, it's unreliable. I definitely wouldn't rest assured of I had a big meeting that my phone wouldn't start ringing if I didn't manually shut it off myself. So if you want to use the app to get s weather report in the morning, totally cool, but don't rely on its navigation skills.

Great Helper APP w/ room to improve


Awesome app that saves user loads of time by running "recipes"/tasks that no human wants to repeat. Wish it worked with more apps like main Amazon app and could return more varied requests from apps like eBay. Allowing user to group one's recipes into labeled folders for organizational purposes would also be welcome.

High hopes


The app itself is simple and intuitive but I hope that they push more integrations everyday and become the leader in the integration of Internet of things market

Such a time saver

Motorized bike

This app is a translator for communication between different apps that can't otherwise talk to each other. Since downloading it, I've used it everyday. It's a must have!

The best app in AppStore

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I love this app


It is easy to use and it save me money and time?????

Like magic!


I don't think I like any app more than I like this one. I am only using it for one purpose, but it is absolutely incredible to be able to get notice of the things that you're looking for in the marketplace immediately without combing through the ads yourself. Absolutely ingenious.