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IFTTT - Automate work and home is free iOS app published by IFTTT Inc

Saves SO much time!


IFTT makes my life easier in so many ways. It took me a long time to figure out what I could use it for because most of the examples I saw were automation of social media or business workflows that didn't apply to me but now, huge parts of my daily record rely on IFTT. Example: I am required to do monthly reports at work. I've linked Todoist and Google Drive so when I complete a task, it is logged in a spreadsheet. At conferences, I use Twitter to take notes & save attendees comments. IFTT watches my Twitter account and saves everything I Tweet to a spreadsheet. I love IFTT but it does have some rough spots. If you're not great at applying their naming and script logic to what you want to happen, creating your own recipes (rather than copying from their excellent library) is difficult. Some of the services promoted as having integrations only have one that isn't very useful. (Outlook, I'm looking at you. Finally, the integrations don't seem to trigger smoothly. I will have times when recipes don't trigger much later or only when I open the app. Not sure why. But still, LOVE IFTT!


Big D Motorsports

Just learning is very cool

Concept great, but the proximity notification feature, well...


It's easy to build recipes. And there are so many channels. But am having trouble to get one recipe with proximity notification to fire in time.

Just Yes


Hands down one of the best apps you'll ever download.

Great App with many possibilities


IFTTT is great. I just recently discovered it & learning something new every day. Great way to connect & integrate two apps together. Right now, my main us is creating IFTTT recipes for Amazon Alexa to Philips Hue Lightbulbs. Really amazing.

Welcome to the Future


IFTTT allow you to automate many tasks, from getting notifications when someone changes your house thermostat setting, to automatically uploading photos to your favorite sharing site, to getting a notification if it's doing to rain The app by itself does some pretty handy things, but the real power comes to play when you have Internet of Things (IoT) devices connected. Get a notification when your garage door is opened (Wemo Maker), turn on a light in your house as you approach (Wemo, others), get a notification when your home energy exceeds a threshold. The choices are almost limitless once you get a few connected devices. If your into tinkering, a WiFi enabled Arduino or Spark 'Photon' can interface any sensor to IFTTT giving you the capability to monitor almost anything. If my front door opens, I get a notification, if my internet goes down, I get notified. I even get daily voltage measurements on the battery in my RV so I know when it needs changing. Pool temperature? Just a click away. Give IFTTT a try. You just might find a use or two for it.

Couldn't create Recipe at this time. Please try again.


Couldn't create Recipe at this time. Please try again. Couldn't create Recipe at this time. Please try again. Couldn't create Recipe at this time. Please try again. That pretty much sums up my experience while trying to use this app with my Lutron shades. Works after several attempts, usually.

Great when it works


IFTTT is great when it works, seems like it works %50 of the time. I find myself triggering a recipe and wondering "will it work this time... The answer is usually no

Would like more Apple Switches.


Most of the switches provided are Windows or Google. Stuff I don't use

Fantastic Free Service


It does everything it promises to and with no subscription fee. Enables my smart home to function and automates all manner of tasks. A little lag now and then, but worth it.