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IFTTT - Automate work and home is free iOS app published by IFTTT Inc

Recipes rarely run


What's the actual point if recipes don't run for days on end? Some types of recipes work, some just sit there and do nothing.

Great concept


Great concept, but a lot of the recipes I use never trigger. I mean never trigger.

connect everything


great app!



IF SO THEN SO.... a great organizational tool, a trendsetter.

Great service, but branding is confusing


The service works well and has a lot of potential. However, the branding is completely confusing. The app is called IF, but also does things (DO). Makes no sense.

IFFT is a must have


I told my son one day a few weeks ago "The only thing missing from this phone's OS (iOS) is the ability to perform if/then functions." He almost yelled at me "You've GOT to get ifft. It will do exactly what you are thinking of!" He was right! This makes my iPhone & iPad complete!

Periodically Gets It Totally Wrong

OGSM Student

Good app. However, for inexplicable reasons, recipes go sideways and I've only been able to resolve the issues my deleting a recipe and recreating it.



This app honestly is amazing. Some of the bad reviews don't understand what they are doing. I assure you, with a little Google search, you should be able to work with this app flawlessly. Thank you for reading.



Really a great and useful app. I used it with my alarm system to implement a Geofence.

Great app!


You can automate/pair this with just about anything. I like what it does with Ooma phone service and Hue lights.