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IFTTT - Automate work and home is free iOS app published by IFTTT Inc

What fun


We have an Echo and Hue lights. I am having so much fun.

Doesn't work

Bob Irish

Unable to connect & really confusing. Still unable to make it work. The APP needs too be easier to work. I thought it would send notices to you phone through to your phone.

Different Apps work harmoniously.


Who would've thought it could be so simple. I'm not a programmer, but this makes me feel like becoming one. Never thought you could make different apps work together to achieve one goal. So simple. Where have I been. This is great!

Good, not great.


There's a lot of cool things this app could do, but recipes for most apps are limited in what they can actually do. And some of the notifications don't come in on time.

Great with Hue lights


One cool application: schedule lights to come on at sunset and go off at sunrise.

A must have app


Never run out of space or miss your pictures.

Amazing concept, awful execution

Polka Joe

Blows my mind that I can make devices that have no way of being connected work together. BUT ... the delay is typically several minutes to upwards of an hour. I'd gladly pay for this service if it worked in a timely manner. DO NOT rely on this service for ANYTHING time sensitive.



I'm on iPhone 5s ios10 and when I click to update my profile it won't let me change the social network from the default one. What's the point.

Good stuff!


Works as it should and adds a ton of functionality to all kinds of things.

Great app


IFTT is a very handy app.