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IFTTT - Automate work and home is free iOS app published by IFTTT Inc



Excellent app! Keep up the good work guys!

Fantastic app

Andrew Brimberry

Thank you for giving me the ability to automate so many things that weren't possible before. iOS Reminders recipes still not 100%. Adding something to Alexa shopping list to add to iOS Reminders doesn't work if that item already exists and is marked completed in iOS Reminders.

Programing without knowing you actually are!


This app is just GREAT. you are coding and you do not realize you are.



Works great with my smart home devices. Can be a five star with a little bug fix and some more options for receipt.

Love it!!!!!!

Dr McEvil

This app works great! Makes life easier with automation! It's worth the download!!

Unable to open


Have had it loaded for a month, haven't been able to sign in yet. It just freezes at the the sign-in.



This apps makes programming your phone easy and increases it's functionality.

Amazingly powerful

DJ Crazy T

This app is amazing! You just have to be smart about using it and do your research. This app can do everything that you can imagine. This is my first ever review on an app.

Great App! Just a few suggestions


Love the app, but I wish that instead of having all the recipes listed together, you could put them in categories or groups. For example if I have multiple recipes for the weather then I could put them in a folder together and it would be easier to navigate the recipe list. Also if there could be an that allows you to create duplicate recipes then it would be much easier to add recipes with variants for the ones that we already have. For example, let's say I have a recipe for notifications of someone posting on a social network. Instead of having the create a recipe for each person, it would be much easier to hit duplicate and then edit the new recipe for another person.

Good Stuff


I like how it brings a lot of my devices together.