H-E-B Pharmacy Reviews

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H-E-B Pharmacy is free iOS app published by H.E. Butt Grocery Company

Love HEB


I appreciate our pharmacy teams.

Useful resource!


Used for years & greatly appreciate history and ease of refilling.

App changed


I used to scan the barcode with this app. Now I must manually enter it. What is the corp#? Please bring back the scanning option to scan the prescription barcode.

App not working after update


I was forced to update the app. Now it won’t open.



Absolutely amazing app! Quick and convenient. Also a place to keep all of your medications in case you forget.

Improvements Needed


This application is far behind the 8 ball as far as prescription apps go. The transfer prescriptions doesn’t work. Put in all the info and it tells me to try again later. Also, I can’t find a way to view status of all my prescriptions, including new prescriptions. I can’t see status of new prescriptions at all and I have to know prescription numbers to request refills or check for status. There is also no way to review all prescriptions filled for the year.

Love my HEB Pharmacy

Mr. H for Mrs. H

HEB Pharmacy has been the most professional and personable pharmacy that I have been too. They always have a smile. They are always ready to help with any problems or confusion and when I use GoodRx and they have to change the price and paperwork it's NEVER a problem and they do it asap. Other pharmacies will make you wait 20+ mins or tell you to come back



Very easy and convenient to use!

Very functional application!


Keeps your prescriptions organized, auto refill with text message updates. One improvement I would like to see is to be able to pay online instead of calling in.

Crappy customer service


Twice this app has stopped accepting my password. My passwords are save automatically so there is no mistake. When I try to reset, it does not recognize their own phone number which is required step in reset. When I call, no one answers the phone. When I email through their website, I receive email saying to call. It is a vicious Kafkaesque rat-labyrinth. Don’t bother with app.