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H-E-B Pharmacy is free iOS app published by H.E. Butt Grocery Company

H-E-B Pharmacy app


H-E-B’s Pharmacy app is great! It saves having to go through the phone recording, and I can do it from anywhere!

This app use to work great


This app use to work great until an update. Now every time I try to refill a script it tells me the app is under construction, go to the website. I update it and it tells me the same thing. Tired of messing with it.

So convenient


I’ve tried this app before but didn’t keep up with my meds so I deleted it. But as I needed to keep my health and meds on tract I tried this app once again and I’m glad I did. It’s so easy to use and so convenient and keeps all your information in one place. The only thing I don’t like is that once your prescription expires I can’t delete it from my list. It makes my my prescriptions repeat themselves over and over again. Please if I’m missing something or if it is possible to delete make it more obvious.

Easy to use.

All -N

The refill reminder text message a couple of days ahead of time is much better than relying on me looking at a calendar.

Pharmacy Review


I love the app! User friendly and very convenient. Thank you H-E-B !



This particular H-E-B Pharmacy and its personnel are The Best and most professional pharmacy of all pharmaceutical locations in Texas and maybe the whole world. They are alert, caring and able to fulfill a wide variety of medications, vaccinations and health care needs. I value their efforts and accomplishments highly. Helen Z

Refills not done


I keep requesting refills and only one or two get done. Very frustrating.

Remove medications


The app shows several medications I no longer take. Would be nice to remove or hide them from the displayed available refill listing



Love the ease of refilling my prescriptions and the ability to prepay..

Don’t waste your time

weedy fields

Hard to use , built by a 10 year old.