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H-E-B Pharmacy is free iOS app published by H.E. Butt Grocery Company

HEB Review

Family Friend 1

It is so nice to be able to have an online pharmacy which is convenient and easy to use. Thank you for catering to someone who is 68 years old and needs the help from their pharmacy!!!!

Only ONE adult per app account?!


I love H-E-B, I love the pharmacy, and this app is awesome except for one thing: I can’t add my husband’s prescriptions, can’t see what’s coming due, what needs picked up, what needs a new rx from the doctor. As the designated pharmacy person in my family, it’s highly inconvenient to have to call them and ask. Developers: I understand not everyone wants their spouse handling their pharmacy business, but also not everyone would prefer to handle it on their own. App accounts should be able to handle more than one adult in the household AND split-offs from that household. ETA: I’m sick and tired of this app being inaccessible because it’s “under construction”. GET IT TOGETHER Y’ALL

Highly recommend!


Perfect service!

Super easy to refill prescriptions!


I love this app for refilling prescriptions. You pick refill, pick med to refill, pick day and time, then you’re finished. Prescription has always been ready as promised. 🙂

Don’t waste your time.


App simply does not work. Interface includes a barcode reader but when you tap on that you’re directed to a website where you have to type in all the information. Adding family members requires a call to the pharmacy. Other options acknowledge the app is under construction. Why publish an incomplete app and frustrate your customers?

H-E-B Pharmacy


Love the app but wish I could store my credit card and pay through the app. That would save me and the pharmacy from time consuming phone calls.



I have tried to refill using the app, it’s always says , accepted, in progress, but it never goes trough.

I love this app...

MH Electronics

I love this app it’s convenient and easy to use. And the quick service at the store is unmatched 🤙🤙. Thanks 🙏



I’ve only been using HEB Pharmacy on Robert Drive for less than 6 months. Not once has this been an easy process. The only reason I continue is the price for prescriptions is amazingly low WITH Good RX. Very very disappointed with the staff, communication, problem solving and at one visit the employee asked me who I’d talked to earlier when I received the wrong script than told earlier the script I did order was ready. I was insulted! It’s not my job to remember names. Horrible relations with a customer.

Constant server error

Horn'n VA

Been trying to get it set up for months. When I try to set it up it says I need to get a text message or phone call; both options end up with a server error.